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Full of BIG questions and full-colour diagrams Mental Spinach will help you to spot more opportunities and to meaningfully design and build your life. 

We started writing Mental Spinach with a seemingly simple brief. We set out to create the most concise collection of tools in a simple framework to support your reflection and to help you navigate big decisions.

This little green pocketbook is what emerged. As we researched, collected and synthesised key works from psychology, personal development, and a range of other genres we noticed that everything we read and collected fell into four categories. These went on to become the 4 Lenses of Mental Spinach. The Identity Lens, the Opportunity Lens, the Impact Lens and the Sustainability Lens.

As you open your green pocketbook you’ll see that each Lens contains a range of concepts. These concepts are some (but not all) of the tools that can help you to make sense of yourself and the world around you. To make each Lens easy to digest each concept is briefly explained and followed by some key questions so you can apply it to your immediate context.

We consider it first and foremost a personal reflection resource that you can use in times of need or opportunity, or during your weekly reflection ritual. It’s especially helpful if you're trying to build something (yourself, your relationships, your career), transition into something new (from sport, between careers) or are just curious and looking to get more out of life.