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Euca's set of Seven Circular Building Boards make Build and Construction Play so much fun !

These are the perfect addition to your playroom to promote open ended play.  They provide a very stable base from which children can build taller and taller structures, encouraging them to explore construction, balancing, imaginative play and even early numeracy concepts as they sort the boards by diameter. 

Enjoy building Grimms "Birthday cakes" with their wooden Rainbows ? Just imagine what you can build with the Euca Building Boards ! 

Develops cognitive thinking and imagination.


Encourages inclusive play and role play.


Seven Piece Set of Circular Birch Plywood Boards

Board 1 - 10cm * 1cm

Board 2 - 15cm * 1cm

Board 3 - 20cm * 1cm

Board 4 - 25cm * 1cm

Board 5 - 30cm * 1cm

Board 6 - 35cm * 1cm

Board 7 - 40cm * 1cm

Recommended Age: 36+ Months