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The perfect grown-up sister to Part 01: Remarkable. 

Our books are designed to layer on top of one another and grow in maturity and information as your daughter also grows and matures. 

"Part 02: Blossom, baby" chats through all the details of the changes associated with puberty such as breast development, hairiness, discharge, body odour and of course getting your first period. We don't want to leave your girls wondering what to do about these changes so we've taken the time to enlist the help of some ridgy-didge experts to fill our pages with some tip-top self-care and hygiene advice. After all, that remarkable bod of hers needs taking care of. 

We didn't stop there though. Once again, it is full to the brim of goodness. We're talking input from professionals, poetry, fun, beautiful pages, quotes, interesting articles, ideas and health tips. 

This book, along with Part 01: Remarkable should leave your girl feeling prepared, empowered and maybe even excited about the journey to womanhood. 

Just as she should be! 

Get ready to BLOSSOM, baby!!